EPS 50

EPS 60

EPS 60 Silver


 EPS 50, EPS 60 and EPS 60 Silver are suitable for insulating slab roofs with low loads. EPS roofing products have higher compressive strength than insulation wools, which ensures a sturdy and steady foundation for the roof.


 Compared to the regular white EPS, the EPS 60 Silver provides up to 20% higher energy efficiency. Special substances in the composition significantly reduce heat loss due to heat transfer.

 The thermal conductivity index for EPS 60 Silver is λᴅ = 0,032 W/mK!


 EPSTERM products can be utilized in the construction of roof inclines by using obliquely cut panels. The panels cut for the main inclines of the roof and the triangular elements for the reverse-inclines in water drains are cut to size according to the architectural designs of the building. The incline-panels can be ordered in varying thicknesses (20–600 mm), with a width of 1,200 mm and a length of up to 3,000 mm. We also offer EPS insulation panels with a ventilation groove for the construction of roofs, which enables you to use non-ventilated wool plates between EPS insulation panels and roof tiles.


•   Good moisture-resistant properties – the material cannot be damaged by rain and snow during construction.
•   The inclined-panels substantially increase the width of the roof insulation layer. Yet, due to low specific weight (ca. 12–15 kg/m³), it does not increase the load of the roof construction.
•   The issues related to roof insulation are easily solved by using inclined-panels, reverse-inclines and panels with a ventilation groove.
•   Easy to transport and hoist to the roof.